Festivals and Activities


There are many different festivals in Morocco, we are going to mention some of them. Such as the visits of festivals as well as the cultural visits.

Fez, Festival of the sacred music

A Festival of spiritual art (music). Fez is indeed a place where the worldwide liturgical music meets. The aim of this festival is to use both, art and spirituality, for the service of human and social development. There are in fact concerts in different contexts in public places and there are conferences as well as art exhibitions

The festival takes place every year all along the 2nd and 3rd week of June

Mawazine Festival, Rabat

World Rhythms in different scenes. Famous an amazing international artists offer shows, such as Rihana, Mika, Jessie J, Deep Purple, Mariah Carey, etc. National or Native Moroccan artists as well as Folkloric groups are also an important part of the Festival.

The end of the month May/Beginning of June, Rabat

Gnaoua Festival in Essaouira

This festival gathers musicians from the whole world and establishes the contact with well-known local artists. Gnaoua and concerts all around the city corners. All the city is under the Gnaoua fever of excitement.

The last week of June, Essaouira


All in relationship with different styles of Jazz music, the Festival offers shows in different places and occasions.

September in Tangier


Creative workshops

In Marrakech there is a possibility to visit workshops directed by local artists. It’s also recommended for the group, either concerning pottery, long lasting mosaic, calligraphy, jewelry, plates with palm or leaves of reed, painting on wood, oil or watercolor, or make pottery more beautiful thanks to Tadelakt. You can let your creativity express itself. We can make it more fruitful with visits to the souks and museums.

Domain Terre of Amanar

This house of the countryside next to Marrakesh, situated on the foothills of the High Atlas, is a good example of the eco-tourism and is as well a natural reserve of energy for sportive and enthusiasts of Nature. There is the Accro Park with a mechanic remounting, the clay pigeons shooting, free climbing, VTT, the pottery course, etc. That’s when you can also start the pedestrian and equestrian trekking and enjoy yourself as you wish.


On the Atlas Mountains or on the edges of Sahara, whether it’s trekking on the romantic Rif mountains, or along the Atlantic coast. Morocco offers an endless diversity of landscape, the ideal for a pleasant walk.

Vit Quad

A visit on the quads in the Palmeraie of Marrakesh. Certainly a real adventurous experience.


A visit to the Palmeraie of Marrakesh reminds you of the adventurous desert crossing of the past, and a tour of dromedary on the desert in Erfoud or Zagora. This is the best place to free your soul and recharge your batteries in the calm and the quietness of the new civilization. A real sight for sore eyes and a pleasure for your soul!

Kitchen course

Go to the market and buy ingredients to make a Moroccan traditional dish. It consists of the main course as a Tagine and couscous or Pastila, which are the most delicious. You can also have the best delicious desserts. You can taste dishes with a good quality Moroccan wine.


You can bring your own vehicle or borrow some in Morocco. Radial on the High Atlas mountains, trough desert and green oases, on the lonely mountain roads, the deep beautiful plateaus.